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Version October 13th 2018


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This association was founded and registered in 1993 in Lucerne (Switzerland) as a non-denominational support organisation to assist the Phalombe hospital in Malawi, Africa.

In the meantime, Pro Phalombe has become one of the major donor organisations in support of the hospital and over the past 24 years has been able to assist in various Projects worth more than 1.8 million Swiss Francs. In addition there were donations of equipment and medications valued at several 10'000 Swiss Francs.

We do encourage you to join as a member or patron. With your support you contribute a very important part to the future of the Phalombe hospital. The elderly and the youngest patients as well as the hospital staff extend a warm thank you for every single Franc donated.

Phalombe Hospital layout bird-eye-view June 2017

October 17th 2018 – official opening of the radiology

With a speech by Bishop Thomas L. Msusa, various speeches and much dance and theater, the radiology tract was inaugurated. The radiology assistant Charles Tausi (radiology education financed by Adopt-a-Career) demonstrated the digital X-ray system – the excellent X-ray images are now available in the patient rooms and in the "Doctors Office" at any time!

(Image: Bishop Thomas L. Msusa, Sr. Timnit Hailemichael, Dr. Christoph Knoblauch)

Many thanks to all donors and to all members, without whom such a success would not have been possible – Zikomo Kwambiri!

Annual General Meeting Pro Phalombe – June 16th 2018

At our Annual General Meeting in Unteraegeri, the attending members were getting first hand information about the past financial year 2017 and our current projects.

Many thanks to all those who contributed to this great event.

News about our work and support can be found here and via facebook.

The new radiology tract is ready

February 2018 – We and the Holy Family Mission Hospital are very proud to present the new radiology tract. In December, the X-ray system was delivered to Phalombe and with specialists from South Africa, the new, sensitive equipment was put into operation in accordance with regulations.

On May 6th 2017, the general renovation and conversion work to the radiology tract was completed.

OP 2011Pro Phalombe's Adopt-a-Career-Program graduates three nurse midwife technicians

By Ethel Chimaliro
Adopt a Career Training Program at Phalombe Holy Family Hospital has done it again. On 8th April 2016 three nurses graduated from the Holy Family College of Nursing. The Nurses are; Doreen Khomani who was a Hospital Cleaner, Eric Manjolo Patient Attendant and Sosten Makwinja who was working as a Ward Clerk.

Go out there and serve the community by giving them quality nursing care' and please remember to thank the donors who supported you, they supported you in kind and give back to the community quality health services in kind as well and with love…. This was the message from the Guest of the Honour at the Graduation Ceremony His Grace the Archbishop of Blantyre Archdiocese, Thomas Luke Msusa.

The ceremony was attended by: CHAM officials, Ministry of Health, Nurses & Midwives Council of Malawi, Holy Family Hospital & College Board of Directors, Archdiocese Health Commission just to mention a few.

Bravo ProPhalombe Association and keep up the good work!