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Phalombe is one of the youngest of 28 districts in Malawi. It was only in the late nineties that it was separated from Mulanjie district, which lies in the southeast of the country. The district town has a small administration building, post office, police station as well as some typical African shops and a daily market. In the immediate surroundings there is only a secondary school and a Catholic Mission station,on whose property one finds a big church, a primary school and the only hospital in the district.

The approximately 410'000 residents of the district are mostly self sufficient, they grow mainly corn and tobacco. Increasing crop failures are reported. These are caused by the increasingly arid climate, followed by shorter and more intensive rainy seasons, which often bring torrential rainfalls. Noteworthy in this context is the soil erosion caused by the extensive deforestation. However, wood still represents the only affordable source of energy for the people (cooking).

3D view of Phalombe and Mulanje massif.