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The important basis of any development at the hospital was the financing of an infrastructure plan. This resulted in water drilling and the renewal of electricity facilities. Both were fundamentally essential projects to improve the situation. Previously there were multi-day water and power disruptions and this was unacceptable. Furthermore there was always the potential danger of fire hazards due to wiring problems and outdated infrastructure.

With the opening of the new Children's Ward in the fall of 2002, the most ambitious project so far, reached completion. The new layout of the floor plan facilitated the supervision and care of patients. Furthermore,there was now also a maternal nutrition educational facility nearby where young mothers could be instructed.

The next logical step in the development was the conversion of the 25 to 45 year old women's and men's ward. The vacant premises of the old childrens ward was used for this purpose. In July 2007 the last patients could be transferred to the new ward and it become fully operational. In autumn 2009 this section was officially opened and the final building accounts audited by our board member Dr. Chris Knoblauch in Phalombe.

Next in line in the plans of the development was the operating theatre. There was now great urgency in improving the situation in the surgical unit. The hygienic and practical requirements of modern and safe treatment procedures were becoming impossible. During the visit by Dr. Christoph Knoblauch on the 25th of October 2012 in Phalombe, the new operating theatre was officially opened.

A further infrastructure project to be mentioned is the corn mill. It is operated by the hospital and serves as an "income generating project". As such it provides a small contribuition to the running cost of the hospital. Even though this project does not serve a direct medical purpose, the funds generated herewith are used to purchase drugs and equipment.