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October 25th 2012 – the new operating theatre is opened

During the visit by Dr. Christoph Knoblauch in Phalombe, the new operating theatre was officially opened. The archbishop Tarcisius Ziyaye and the Minister of Health of Malawi were present as well as other representatives from the church and politics, employees of the hospital and many people from the area.

The very first operation was performed the same evening. Despite the new infrastructure this was done with headlamps donned, because one must always expect a power failure and quite a delay before the emergency generator comes to life. Despite the ensuing power cut the procedure could be terminated safely.

In the following months we will dispatch a number of different medical equipment and supplies to Phalombe to safeguard a suitable standard in the new theater.

November/December 2011 – Dr. Chris Knoblauch of Pro Phalombe on site

To be able to follow up the project, an unscheduled audit was carried out on site in the middle of November and end December 2011. Read more about in the NEWS 2011 (German).

In July 2010 work started on the surgical unit

To follow up the building process, a first audit could be carried out at the beginning of October. The meeting was chaired by Patrick Calisse, the architect. The construction company was represented by different engineers and financial consultants. The hospital management was representing the asignor of the building contract and Pro Phalombe as the assessor. The foundation and the first walls were already in place and the roof should be on before the onset of the rainy season. Read more about in the NEWS 2010 (German).

Project Description in brief

The existing operating theatre is outdated and insufficient, nor do the practical and hygenic requirements suffice for a hospital. This has become an urgent hospital project after it has been in the planning of the hospital development for many years. The current floor plan is extremely disadvantageous and does not allow for a reasonable refurbishing.

The new surgical unit is in the immediate vicinity of the medical technical services, the outpatients sector and the inpatient wards. The floorplan is very alike the ones we know from the ‚miniture units' used in the military and civil defense force. Thus it represents a proven standard. Whether one will use both theatres available in the near future can not be forseen now. It could very well be the case, that one unit is used for minor outpatient treatments. The floorplan leaves these options open. If the future would show that the "Holy Family Mission Hospital" (District Hospital) will gain more influence and as a consequence the surgical services would have to be extended, the new premises would allow this to happen.

In 2008 the local board of the hopital together with Pro Phalombe association declared the project operating theatre as a top priority.

Old OPPro Phalombe will by year 2011 …
… ensure the financing of the "Project Operating Theatre" – planned project cost: € 294 000.–

A new operating theatre: Why?
– Improvement and optimization of the existing infrastructure – currently the most urgent project.

– Making the best use of space and location in the immediate vicinity of the medical – technical services, the ambulatory section and the inpatient wards.

– Improvement of hygiene and practical aspects – a gain for patients as well as hospital staffl.

– Nationwide proven surgical standard for flexible usage – a two theatre operation or a conversion of one unit for minor procedures on outpatient.

– This allows the Phalombe Hospital to fullfill the assignment attached to a district Hospital.


For further information please refer to our Project File (German)

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