Pro Phalombe
P.O. Box 3601
CH-6002 Lucerne

PC-Kto./IBAN: 60–572647–3/
CH63 0900 0000 6057 2647 3

Version February 8th 2018


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Pro Phalombe Community


We do ask you to join as a member or patron. With your support, we can make an important contribuition to the future of the hospital Phalombe and its rural comunity.


Membership CHF 50.–
Family Membership CHF 80.–
Corporate Membership CHF 200.–

Postfinance Account: 60–572647–3
IBAN: CH63 0900 0000 6057 2647 3

Please do contact us for any further information. We'll be happy to send our pamphlet to you informing you of our ongoing projects and support of the hospital.

As a member or patron you will be regularly informed about our activities. From the elderly to the youngest patients, everyone fully appreciates our work and are very thankful for every Franc donated.

Pro Phalombe is supervised by the tax authorities of Lucerne (Central Switzerland). Donations from individual and legal persons to the association are deductable from income or profit taxation.