Layout der geplanten Solaranlage im Spital Phalombe

As a result of Covid-19, the timetable has been further delayed. The inverters from Taiwan were fortunately delivered by air freight and a large part of the batteries have already arrived in Malawi. However, the panels are still in South Africa. They cannot be delivered due to all border closures.

In Phalombe, the clearing and tree felling operations were successfully completed. The construction of the building for the batteries and inverters was completed. It is well ventilated and an air conditioning system will keep the temperatures constant.

The available inverters and batteries will be installed in August and connected to the hospital. The system has been designed as a hybrid system – it works with both DC-fed solar PV and AC-fed alternating current. The inverters can charge the batteries with power from ESCOM and in case of a power failure the hospital will be supplied by the batteries.

The next steps include the construction of a security fence around the solar system, the substructure work for the panel supports and the installation of the eagerly awaited solar panels from South Africa.

More on this in the project description