In the meantime, Pro Phalombe has become one of the major donor organisations in support of the hospital and has been able to realize projects with a total value of more than 2.4 million Swiss Francs since its foundation. In addition there were donations of equipment and medications valued at several 10'000 Swiss Francs.

Pro Phalombe was founded in 1993 by friends of a Swiss couple, who were running the Phalombe hospital in Malawi between 1993 to 1997.

The aim of the association is to ensure training of the local hospital staff and providing support to the hospital in the field of medical, pharmaceutical as well as technical supplies.

To make the hospital largely independent on foreign aid, the board has agreed to distribute the present funds at our disposal primarily in the following 2 areas:

I. Basic supply of medicines and medical equipment
II. To assist in developing the hospital infrastructure and its environment

The support is based on the basic principle of“helping people to help themselves”.

All the members of the board and many members, are familiar with the situation from personal visits to Phalombe in the past. With the continuing existing personal contacts with various members of the hospital management, the association can guarantee that all the aid money is solely used to support the hospital operation.

All the members of the board provide their work as voluntary contribuitions. Travels to Malawi are also financed privately and not paid by the treasury of Pro Phalombe!

Members and patrons will periodically be informed about the ongoing activities at the hospital.