Internships and Assistance

Angela Pfister internship 2018/19

We are always very pleased when the Phalombe Hospital arouses interest in personal assistance. For people from Europe who would like to work in an African hospital, this is always a very special experience!

Placement of internships

Basically we do not arrange work assignments from the association, we cannot cope with this extra work and furthermore it is the competence and responsibility of the Holy Family Mission Hospital to coordinate such assignments. However, we can arrange contact with a contact person in the hospital, who can also discuss details and conditions of stay.

Please contact us if you are interested:

Our “partner association” from Germany is specialized in internships at the Holy Family Mission Hospital. We complement and support each other in terms of support services for the hospital.

Field reports from aid missions (German)

NEWS 2020/2 – Nina Mäder

NEWS 2020 – Angela Pfister

Willisauer Bote – Author/Text: Ramon Marti, 3.3. 2020

NEWS 2019 – Karin Blättler

NEWS 2015 Caroline Rimensberger/Valerie Schmid

NEWS SPEZ. 2014 – Sabrina Fuchs



NEWS 2010 – Ulrike Seiferheld

NEWS SPEZ. 2007 – Ulrike Seiferheld

NEWS 2005 – Andrea Thaler

NEWS 2003 – Maria Ruiz

NEWS 2002 – Michele Mösch