USE OF RESOURCES (1993–2022)


The total revenue of Pro Phalombe between its inception in 1993 to 2022 amounted to more then 2.7 million Swiss Francs. With these funds various projects have been completed. Approximately CHF 620'000.– has been used on medical emergency supplies and primary care, CHF 211'500 on educational sponsorship for hospital staff and more then CHF 1.47 Mio. has been spent on infrastructure projects.

In the field of health care two key points need to be mentioned:

Drugs: Many medications are not available in Malawi and are therefore ordered from European organizations who provide to charity organisations. The prices of these supplies are much lower than regular market prices – sometimes by several hundred percent. The result is that our organisation, with its limited funds, can ensure that a lot of drugs can be provided to the hospital; sometimes the provision can last the hospital for several weeks or months. Often we can get drugs sponsered by international organisations for free and these can amount to tens of thousands of Francs. These figures are not recorded in our books.

Hospital equipment: This is another important part of our assistance. The supplied equipment must be simple to use and to repair and if possible ordered within the country. In some instances, the instrumentation required is not available or prohibitively expensive so that it has to be ordered from Europe.

Often there is a transportation problem

If drugs and devices have to be sent by ship there is always the risk of them being spoiled or damaged due to hold ups at the border crossings or adverse weather conditions. Therefore for delicate items the only delivery mode is by airfreight, whereby we get favourable rates by drug companies and airlines.

Development and infrastructure plan

The important basis of any development at the hospital was the financing of an infrastructure plan. This resulted in water drilling and the renewal of electricity facilities. Both were fundamentally essential projects to improve the situation. Previously there were multi-day water and power disruptions and this was unacceptable. Furthermore there was always the potential danger of fire hazards due to wiring problems and outdated infrastructure.

The three pillars of “Adopt projects”

They form a new orientation of our support work. We speak of “Adopt-a-Career” (“sponsorship” for the training and further education of staff), “Adopt-a-Treatment” (long-term assurance of a constant supply of medication in the hospital) and “Adopt-a-Builder” (long-term assurance of maintenance of the existing infrastructure). A continuation of these programmes is expressly requested by the hospital management.

Administritive costs and advertising

Administritive costs for Pro Phalombe are kept at the lowest possible level. The costs involve a minimal amount for advertising, postages and banking fees. Committee members all volunteer for their work and get no renumeration, they pay for their own travel to Malawi. The average cost of administration and advertising between 1993–2022 amounted to just 3%!

Looking ahead to the future

The hospital is still far from being able to operate independently. There is a constant shortage of funds in Malawi as well as Phalombe hospital for further implementation of much needed improvements.

The association will continue to try to make other organisations aware of the situation in Malawi and hopefully, in a joint effort, raise the standard of health care at the Phalombe hospital.