Januar 2018 – the new radiology tract is ready

We and the Holy Family Mission Hospital are very proud to present the new radiology tract. In December, the X-ray system was delivered to Phalombe and with specialists from South Africa, the new, sensitive equipment was put into operation in accordance with regulations.

With the new X-ray department a new era has now also begun. The digital X-ray equipment, the improved room layout (workflow processes), the radiation tightness of the walls to protect staff and patients (especially newborns) provide the hospital with a future-oriented infrastructure.
Adequate radiological diagnosis according to current standards will continue to make the hospital an attractive and competent employer in the Phalombe district.

Extension and reconstruction of the old theatre and laboratory

The building in which the old operating theatre and the laboratory were housed could be rebuilt with radiation protection according to international guidelines for X-rays and CT – the construction quality was constantly monitored by the Ministry of Health. The radiology wing is now centrally located with functional rooms under one roof.

In summary, the radiology tract brings the following improvements to the hospital:

  • The quality of treatment and diagnostic reliability are improved.
  • The hospital will no longer have to deal with the Ministry of Health, as the building standard meets international standards.
  • Patients and nursing staff will no longer be exposed to uncontrolled X-rays.
  • Fewer repetitions of examinations due to quality defects.

The hospital does not have to make external patient referrals for X-ray diagnosis - additional costs and time spent on this are eliminated.
The hospital can offer radiologists an attractive workplace, and as a result there should be fewer staff fluctuations in the future.
The costs for the old X-ray films and developer chemicals are eliminated.
This project has transformed the radiology department of Holy Family Mission Hospital. It is now the most attractive department of the hospital and one of the best in Malawi. But the most important thing is that the patient is on the winning side.

The starting point was a structurally disintegrating radiology department from the time the hospital was founded, which did not comply with the operating procedures. The existing structures no longer meet the radiological and practical requirements. The Ministry of Health even threatened to close the hospital.

The new radiology tract was realized in cooperation with the architectural office MOD and the reliable building contractor CBC. Both have proven themselves in the construction projects carried out so far.

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26. October 2012 – first operation in the newly opened operating theatre

During the visit by Dr. Christoph Knoblauch in Phalombe, the new operating theatre was officially opened. The archbishop Tarcisius Ziyaye and the Minister of Health of Malawi were present as well as other representatives from the church and politics, employees of the hospital and many people from the area.

The very first operation was performed the same evening. Despite the new infrastructure this was done with headlamps donned, because one must always expect a power failure and quite a delay before the emergency generator comes to life. Despite the ensuing power cut the procedure could be terminated safely.


Project Description in brief

The existing operating theatre is outdated and insufficient, nor do the practical and hygenic requirements suffice for a hospital. This has become an urgent hospital project after it has been in the planning of the hospital development for many years. The current floor plan is extremely disadvantageous and does not allow for a reasonable refurbishing.

The new surgical unit is in the immediate vicinity of the medical technical services, the outpatients sector and the inpatient wards. The floorplan is very alike the ones we know from the “minature units” used in the military and civil defense force. Thus it represents a proven standard. Whether one will use both theatres available in the near future can not be forseen now. It could very well be the case, that one unit is used for minor outpatient treatments. The floorplan leaves these options open. If the future would show that the Holy Family Mission Hospital (District Hospital) will gain more influence and as a consequence the surgical services would have to be extended, the new premises would allow this to happen.

A new operating theatre: Why?

  • Improvement and optimization of the existing infrastructure – currently the most urgent project.
  • Making the best use of space and location in the immediate vicinity of the medical – technical services, the ambulatory section and the inpatient wards.
  • Improvement of hygiene and practical aspects – a gain for patients as well as hospital staffl.
  • Nationwide proven surgical standard for flexible usage – a two theatre operation or a conversion of one unit for minor procedures on outpatient.
  • This allows the Phalombe Hospital to fulfill the assignment attached to a district Hospital.

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October 2009 – Official ceremony

The final handover, final accounts and official opening by our Boardmember Dr. Christoph Knoblauch was done in autumn 2009. The projected costs of CHF 170 000.– were met and the project “Patient Ward” could be successfully completed at a cost of € 108 690.–.

August 2007 – the conversion is complete!

All worked out well and the reactions of the employees and the patients expressed it all, perfect. The new wards are perfectly suited for the daily routine of the hospital, they are clearly arranged, bright and pleasant to work in and ideally suited to the needs of the patients.

Project summary

In 1995 Pro Phalombe funded a development plan, which analysed the structures of the hospital Phalombe. As a result of this study it was realised, that the most urgent need was the construction of a separate children's ward and in 2002 this was successfully completed.

The next logical step after this completion was the reconstruction of the 25 to 45 year old general wards. These premises were in dire need of renovation and optimization. The vacant space of the old children's ward was fully integrated into these renovations.

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4th September 2002 – the Children's Ward is now open

On 4th September 2002 the hospital management in Phalombe organised the official opening ceremony. Nine members of Pro Phalombe association were able to witness the cutting of the opening ribbon. Representing everyone who supported the project, we could recieve words of praise and thanks. We from the board would like to extend our gratitude to all members, donors and friends, who have contributed to the success of the project.

What does the new Children′s Ward bring?

The new ward relieves all present problems in nursing care in Phalombe.

  • It allows an efficient patient care with a minimal amount of staff
  • New adequate sanitary installations
  • More space for the intensive care
  • Good infrastructure for tuition, examination and preparation of food
  • Separation of sick children from grown-up patients
  • Simplification of the planned medium-term reconstruction of the general wards
  • Separate isolation rooms for children with infectious diseases
  • Taking into account the local custom, whereby mothers also stay in the pediatric ward

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Malawi Radionews from the opening “Children′s Ward” (mp3/348 KB)